Chesterfield Fire Station

Chesterfield Fire Station is one of several stations which we have designed as part of our term contract with the Fire Service

The whole site (formerly a tube works) was originally purchased by a major house builder and a portion was acquired for the fire station with an agreement that it be remediated by the vendors prior to hand over. We were instructed to review the vendor’s proposals for remediation to ensure the site would be suitable for development.

The site was heavily contaminated and required digging out and re-compaction to allow for effective soil treatment. Also, an existing piled retaining wall was removed but the lower sections of the piles remained untouched. These were identified from existing plans to allow the new foundations to be designed around the obstructions.

The steel frame construction comprised a two-storey office building with a wide single storey link to the four bay appliance area. For training purposes, there is also a six storey steel tower, smoke house with basement and a separate fire house.

In order to develop the whole site it was necessary to construct a 3.5m high retaining wall at the edge of the site. The proposed access road was to run along the top of the wall which therefore required an appropriate crash barrier. Our economic solution involved a reinforced earth retaining wall rather than fully reinforced concrete with the barrier fixed to the road at the top of the wall.