Pre Planning Services

HWA provide a range of services which may be required to ensure that a project achieves planning approval. Initial consultations and enquiries carried out at the due diligence stage help to inform the scope of the services required which we deliver as part of a coordinated planning submission.

HWA use an established supply chain to assist with the delivery of some of these specialist services which we coordinate to ensure a fully joined up and consistent approach to the Planning Submission.

Ground Investigation

In advance of any construction project, we can arrange for comprehensive site investigations to be carried out. These can include an assessment of contamination and any remediation requirements as well as the geotechnical properties of the ground. Both of these factors are likely to be relevant to the design and economics of any new development.

Traffic & Transportation

HWA provide expert transport planning support at all stages of the development planning process including Transport Assessment and Travel Plan works. 
We can undertake site and desk based assessments leading to an effective and efficient resolution of site development transport issues and the discharge of planning related matters.

Flood Risk

Planning legislation and guidance has driven the dramatic increase in demand for Flood Risk Assessments (FRAs). This requirement is also reflected in funding interests.

HWA undertake FRAs for a wide range of developments to assist our clients not only with initial site assessment but also to satisfy planning obligations as well as funding and disposal requirements. We adopt a flexible approach to developing the scope of the assessment to ensure that it is appropriate to the nature and scale of the proposed scheme.